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Project Description

This is a Visual Studio add-in which builds Silverlight Library directly from standard .NET class library just by a simple right click. The idea is to simplify the management of two separate .csproj files pointing to same code base and soft linking between them.
Please note that this project is not longer maintained since Microsoft solved this issue with Portable Libraries. If you have any questions feel free to reach me at

This version of BuildAsSilverlight is tested with the following environment only:
.NET Runtime 4.0
Visual Studio 2010 Professional
Silverlight 4


Open any .NET Class library project. Right Click and click BuildAsSilverlight4 as shown below:

Assembly will be build using the same Assembly name defined in the project with ".SL" appended in the end. Binaries are directly published in Release folder under bin and output window can be used to see the details of the same. Screenshot below:

  1. No defined way to provide custom name to the built asssembly.
  2. Presently works only against .NET 4.0 MSBuild and no way to customize build process.
  3. Builds only the release configuration as of now.

I m looking for more ideas/feedbacks/suggestion on how this tool can be made more useful. Do drop a mail at

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